The Project

The Anthony Costa Foundation has provided three years funding (2021-2022-2023) for a project titled: COVID-19 and Disadvantaged Young People’s Education and Employment Aspirations: A Longitudinal Study of Young People’s Transitions in Geelong. Using innovative, platform based, video capture technologies the project is conducting a series of video interviews with young people as we track their education, training and employment pathways in COVID ‘normal’ socio-ecologies that are profoundly shaped by historical and contemporary processes of disadvantage and marginalisation.

The Challenge

The convergence ‘between an advanced knowledge economy, which perpetuates patterns of discrimination and exclusion, and the threat of climate change devastation for both human and non-human entities’ (Braidotti 2019).


The project has a number of aims, including

  • to provide Geelong region stakeholders with a strong evidence base over 3 years to co-design innovative interventions to foster the education and employment aspirations of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Geelong in the wake of a COVID-19 youth labour market crisis.
  • To contribute to regional, state, national and international debates about the challenges and opportunities that emerge for young people’s education, training and employment pathways at the convergence of the 6th Mass Extinction and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Read the article ‘Climate change, mental health services, a better education system: what marginalised young people told us needs to be fixed’ in The Conversation

Project Videos


Anthony Costa Foundation (2021-2023)

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