Sher Rahmat Khan completed PhD from the School of Education, RMIT University in Melbourne. His PhD research involves a critical discourse analysis of secondary school textbooks, using post-colonial theories and curriculum theory. His doctoral dissertation titled The Cultural Politics of Curriculum in Pakistan: The challenges for pluralism, inclusion and the UN SDGs in a Postcolonial context, explored the intergenerational traumas of colonialism, neo-colonialism, processes of globalisation, and forms of extremism continue to pose significant challenges for post-colonial Pakistan. He examined the cultural politics of education and the challenges and opportunities that education provides in promoting inclusion and pluralism. His research provides insight into the limits and possibilities of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in helping to realise education’s potential in meeting these challenges.

Previously, he attended universities in Pakistan and the United Kingdom, studying International Relations, Muslim Cultures, and education. He has worked as a teacher, mentor, and volunteer teacher in community education, contributing to textbook modules of community schools and research in private sector organisations. He has published a coauthored book COVID-19 and the (Broken) Promise of Education for Sustainable Development: A Case Study from Postcolonial Pakistan, an a co-authored article and also wrote blogs.

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