I am an independent academic with an interest in youth health, health promotion and education, and young road user safety promotion and policy. Formerly Program Manager of the Bachelor of Social Science Youth Work program at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, I have an extensive background in youth work, youth work education, and adolescent health promotion, education and service delivery.

Over the past twenty-five years my research and practice have included the development of targeted road safety education programs and initiatives for young road users, with a particular emphasis on peer education and community based approaches. I have worked with industry partners, NGOs and business to develop and deliver successful road safety peer education programs targeting industrial workers, community and tertiary students in Australia and international settings, most recently with the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, Cambodia.

Selected Publications.

‘The net of heaven is vast, vast . . .’ Rethinking a Philosophy for Youth Work in the Anthropocene

(2022), pp. 79-95, Young People and Thinking Technologies for the Anthropocene, Lanham. (Book chapter)


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Kerry Montero, Peter Kelly

(2022), Vol. 1, pp. 659-673, Global Handbook of Health Promotion Research, Vol. 1 Mapping Health Promotion Research, Berlin, Germany. (Book chapter)


Young people and the human-car-machine-assemblage: aesthetics, erotics and other lessons for school-based health education

K Montero, P Kelly

(2021), Vol. 42, pp. 840-853, Discourse. Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education (Journal article).

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