Hello there, my name is Brendan Rae, I am 20 years old and live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. I am currently working casually at a liquor store called Liquor Stax Epping, but I am mainly working full-time hours there. I would consider myself honest, friendly, compassionate, and eccentric, all qualities that I have learned to appreciate over the years of my life. I enjoy also watching movies and television and throughout the years have learnt to appreciate drawing, art, film and film making, I also enjoy watching mostly anime and animation and playing video games and not just as a distraction but as well as another medium to appreciate.  As well as working full-time I am also a Rover Scout and in-training Joey Scout Leader, this is where my capability for respect is on display as the Joey Scouts who are 5-7 years old show great respect for me and me for them, as this is a great learning experience for them to learn respect at a young age will help them develop into respectable adults. I am also very big into theatre and performing. I really enjoy being a part of it and creating my own art. I am part of an acting ‘gang’ called Melbourne Gang Show, which holds over 100 young people together (that are all scouts) and we all create an original musical production, I have been a part of this gang for 6 years and it is one of the best experiences I have had all year.

I am a very outgoing person, always willing to help others to both help them achieve their goals and to provide myself with the confidence to help more people, as when I was younger, I was a very shut-in person and extremely insecure and anxious. But now with the help of others, I feel empowered to help others as well to give them the same sense of pride and accomplishment as I did when achieving my goals. A significant part of this project is the presentation of our ‘CORE’ capabilities, Collaboration, Openness, Respect, and Empowerment. Collaboration is demonstrating how well I work in a team, openness is how I take on the ideas of others and make my own judgment, respect is how I react positively towards those ideas, and empowerment is showing my ability to act independently in decision-making and taking pride in my work. Openness is demonstrating opening to others taking on feedback from others and opening yourself to others and presenting your true self to the world and not shutting yourself out and repressing all your emotions. Respect is self-explanatory where you treat everyone and everything with the same respect you would expect in return, that includes your friends, your family, your neighbours, your animals, your household items and probably the most important yourself. And finally, empowerment, is demonstrating being able to empower yourself to greater heights, with either your work, your health, or your day-to-day life, but this can also be done to empower others as well to encourage those willing to do better.

Thank you for reading my bio, it was a pleasure to be a part of the project and to also present myself to a larger audience, if you are searching me up then I really hope that this bio as well as the evidence shown that I have the ‘CORE’ capabilities, to help me get further in life.

CORE Capabilities

Co-design is the process where people work together to create something of value tailored to their needs and preferences that is built around four CORE capabilities (collaboration, openness, respect, and empowerment). How these are evidenced is profiled below:

Collaboration & Openness – demonstrating how I work as part of a team. Demonstrating how I listen to the ideas of other team members, and how I make judgements by weighing the pros and cons of different ideas.

The photo below is a photo of me in the 70th Melbourne Gang Show. This photo represents my collaboration with others as there is no other way a production could work if there is no collaboration with others. And in this shot is a musical routine where we all walk in unison around in a circle all in separate directions meaning that spatial awareness was key as well as communicating and collaborating with thew other cast members.

Empowerment & Respect – Demonstrating how I express my ideas and how I react to the ideas of others. Demonstrating my independent decision-making, how I show pride in my work and that of my team, and how I support others.

In the picture below, is a photo of me receiving one of my greatest achievements in my life. This is of me receiving my Queen Scout Award, the most prestigious award given to some of the most hardworking scouts in the Venturer section. The Queen Scout Award is a representation of over 100 hours of dedicated scout work which include, hiking, first aid, personal development, community service and leadership. This picture shows a clear representation of my respect for others when I am being awarded how I present myself in a most respectful way as I know how prestigious this award really is. As well as empowerment as this shows the other scouts that this award is possible to achieve through hard work and perseverance, as well as empowering myself and my confidence as to better myself and my chances at getting a better job/life.