My name’s Liam. I’m 25. I have ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism and mild social anxiety.  I enjoy movies/TV shows and playing video games. I have been volunteering at my local Vinnies for a couple of years, organising donations that come into the store like clothing, kitchenware, DVDs/games and appliances. I work with a few colleagues on our designated desk for DVDs/books/toys and appliances checking for damage or usability if they fail we throw them out. I have also worked for the Electoral Commission. I have worked there during previous elections either counting votes, guarding ballots or both. It is a strict environment where rules have to be followed, the polling booths are a very busy during elections they are also sometimes dangerous with a few stressed individuals depending on if they want to follow the rules or not. I have an interest in computer coding and exploring options for work opportunities.

CORE Capabilities

Co-design is the process where people work together to create something of value tailored to their needs and preferences that is built around four CORE capabilities (collaboration, openness, respect, and empowerment). How these are evidenced is profiled below:

Collaboration – demonstrating how I work as part of a team.

I worked on my collaboration by helping move large items and donations at Vinnies.

Also I demonstrated collaboration by working with my teammates during the elections like setting up booths, checking ballots and setting up and packing up.

Openness – Demonstrating how I listen to the ideas of other team members, and how I make judgements by weighing the pros and cons of different ideas.

I have worked on my openness by discussing with my colleagues where to put or sort things and where to put items at Vinnies.

I also inform my teammates during the elections of any bad or concerning behaviour during the voting process.

Respect – Demonstrating how I express my ideas and how I react to the ideas of others.

I have worked on my respect by listening to my colleagues about what needs to be done around the store and helping customers with there items if they are too heavy.

I also talk with voters about issues with their voting process like if they don’t want to vote or if they have loved ones not able to come to vote.

Empowerment – Demonstrating my independent decision-making, how I show pride in my work and that of my team, and how I support others.

I have worked on my empowerment by volunteering at my local Vinnies and helping the community by finding old or refurbished items that can be purchased for less than what they originally were. This helps the customer and also helps raise money for other people people in need too.