My name is Madi and I use they/them pronouns. I have a passion for helping people and one of my goals is to become a youth worker so I can help troubled youth. I value treating everyone with respect and not judging others. I currently work at Woolworths and really enjoy my job. In my free time, I like gaming, reading, playing piano, and spending time with my rabbits and dog.

CORE Capabilities

Co-design is the process where people work together to create something of value tailored to their needs and preferences that is built around four CORE capabilities (collaboration, openness, respect, and empowerment). How these are evidenced is profiled below:

Collaboration – demonstrating how I work as part of a team.

At Woolworths, I effectively communicate and work with my team to complete various tasks. This includes closing and opening the store, assisting customers and helping each other understand expectations and goals.

Openness – Demonstrating how I listen to the ideas of other team members, and how I make judgements by weighing the pros and cons of different ideas.

At my current job at Woolworths and in my past jobs, I would have to listen to co-workers to find the best solution to completing tasks at hand. An example of this would be we ran out of receipt rolls at work and my co-workers and I discussed different solutions. In the end I made the decision to contact other businesses that my boss had a good relationship with to see if we could get some from them.

Respect & Empowerment – Demonstrating how I express my ideas and how I react to the ideas of others. Demonstrating my independent decision-making, how I show pride in my work and that of my team, and how I support others.

While working at Woolworths, I often work in a self-serve position. I manage this area on my own by keeping the area clean, assisting all the customers in the area and preventing a few customers from stealing. I do this to the best of my abilities and take pride in the effort and work I do.